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Note: Most ABB parts have a part type, and an order or article number (examples would start with 3BSE, 3BSC, etc.). We try to list the part numbers under what is most recognizable, but sometimes there are many versions so we have to use the detailed article number. Please search our database for both numbers to make sure you find the correct item for your needs.

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Manufacturer Part Number Alternate Part Number Full Description Availability
ABB TB815 3BSE013204R1 TB815 Interconnection Unit ask
ABB 3BHB006338R0001 UNS 0881a-P ask
ABB 3BHE026284R0102 UAD215 A102 ask
ABB NDNA-02-KIT 3AUA489002B5047 DeviceNet Adaptor ask
ABB REF542plus REF542plus Feeder Terminal Panel ask
ABB INIIT03 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module ask
ABB DSTC454 5751017-F ask
ABB DSTC454L 5751017-R ask
ABB NRED-61 ask
ABB NDBU-95 63985252D DDCS Branching Unit ask
ABB ICSC08L1 FPR3319101R1082 ICSC08L1 I/O Unit - 24 Vdc ask
ABB 07KT92 GJR5250500R0202 07KT92 Central Processing Unit ask
ABB GJR5253100R4278 07KT98 WT98 ask
ABB GJR5253100R0270 07KT98 WT98 ask
ABB GJR5253100R0278 07KT98 WT98 ask
ABB 3BHE024855R0101 UFC921 A101 ask
ABB TU811V1 3BSE013231R1 Compact Module Termination Unit ask
ABB NPBA-80 ask
ABB DSPU131 3BSE000355R1 DSPU131 Module for Engineering Station ask
ABB DSQC668 3HAC029157-001/08 ask
ABB 3HAC025724-001/04 ask
ABB NTCF23 Fiber Optic Communication Termination Unit ask
ABB SC520 3BSE003816R1 Submodule Carrier ask
ABB GDB020AE HIEE300590R1 HIEE4130372P201 ask
ABB VDA330A02 HIEE410022P2 HIEE30025R2 HIEE410021P1 ask
ABB UAC326AE HIEE401481R1 HIEE410409P104 ask
ABB SDCS-CON2-21 ask
ABB AFPS-11C 68969972 ask
ABB AFIN-01C 64693808 ask
ABB 3HAC044168-001/07 ask
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