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We have some Spectrum Controls surplus parts available.
You can search through our database for the Spectrum Controls part numbers that you require or select from the grid below.
Please let us know if you do not see what you require as we can often source it for you.

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Manufacturer Part Number Alternate Part Number Full Description Availability
Spectrum Controls SOI-260A-L008N-P2-X Operator Panel ask
Spectrum Controls 2706-P22R-SC 2706-P22R 91100001-02 In-View Message Display Specifications Panel ask
Spectrum Controls 1771sc-IMI16 16 Point Isolated Input Module ask
Spectrum Controls 1746sc-NT8 Thermocouple Module ask
Spectrum Controls 1746sc-IB8I Isolated DC Input Module ask
Spectrum Controls 1746sc-IA8I Isolated Input Module ask
Spectrum Controls 1746SC-INO4I Analog Current Output Module ask
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