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We have some bachmann surplus parts available.
You can search through our database for the bachmann part numbers that you require or select from the grid below.
Please let us know if you do not see what you require as we can often source it for you.
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Manufacturer Part Number Alternate Part Number Full Description Availability
bachmann FS212/N ask
bachmann AO202/SI ask
bachmann DIO232 ask
bachmann DIO280 ask
bachmann SCT202 ask
bachmann SDO204 ask
bachmann VID500/S VI500/S-B 6802/00 Digital Video Control Card ask
bachmann UTR300 UTR300-B 6471/01 Diagnostic Control Module ask
bachmann TCO216-C Compact CAN Slave ModuleCompact CAN Slave Module ask
bachmann STU500 STU500-B 6448/01 SMD Processor Card ask
bachmann OT1310/2G/4G OT1300 Operator Panel ask
bachmann NT250 Power Supply Module ask
bachmann MP213/E CPUP133 CPU Module ask
bachmann MF600/1 MF600/1-B 3736/01 Voltage Control Card ask
bachmann MEM501 MEM501-B 4018/00 Memory Control Card ask
bachmann KOP 500 U/S KOS500U/S-B 6786/00 KOP Processor Card ask
bachmann FS212 FASTBUS Fx210 SERIES 00017822-00 FASTBUS Master Module ask
bachmann DNT90/T B-06479/00 DNT90/T Power Supply ask
bachmann DNM201 DeviceNet Master ask
bachmann DIO216/4 DIO216/4 00010892-00 Digital Input/Output Module ask
bachmann D0216 Digital Output Module ask
bachmann CS200/N CAN Head Module ask
bachmann CE 32/1S CE32/1S-B 6144/00 32- Channel Digital I/O Card ask
bachmann CC11/4 CC11/4-B 6047/00 Digital I/O Control Card ask
bachmann CA 16/P 2,5 S CA16/P2,5S-B 6147/00 16- Channel Digital Output Card ask
bachmann BUS500/1 BUS500/1-B 6661/00, CST500, G-500 20-Slot Busplatine Card Rack/Chassis ask
bachmann BS209 BS200 00009634-00, 9634/00 Backplane - 9-Slot ask
bachmann BS208 BS208 00011711-00, 00011711-50 BS208 SMD 8 Slot Base Rack ask
bachmann BS203 00009313-00 3 Slot Backplane ask
bachmann B10129/00 Digital I/O Module ask
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