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payment terms
payment method
We accept major credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, PayPal, and other electronic payments, such as international T / T wire transfers, and during our online checkout process, we accept most online payment methods. You can also contact us by phone, fax or email to pay.

For credit card orders, please provide the following information:
Credit card number, expiration date, name on the card, billing address of the card, and the security code on the card. This can be e-mail, phone or by fax. 

For wire transfer payments, please contact us for bank details.
Making a payment by bank transfer/wire transfer simply instructs your bank to send the full amount shown on our quotation/formal invoice. Please ensure that you send the number of your quotation/formal invoice along with the payment.
We can accept payments in most major currencies, but it is best to pay in pounds sterling (GBP), euros (EUR) or US dollars (USD). Additional charges may apply for making payments in other currencies.
Customer agrees to pay the full amount of each invoice from amikong.com in accordance with the terms of each such invoice, and may not offset or deduct it.
Any deficiencies caused by currency conversion are the responsibility of the customer

amikong.com retains the security interest in the product to ensure full payment and to ensure compliance with these Terms. Customer agrees to perform any other documentation required to improve such security interest.