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We have some Wago surplus parts available.
You can search through our database for the Wago part numbers that you require or select from the grid below.
Please let us know if you do not see what you require as we can often source it for you.

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Manufacturer Part Number Alternate Part Number Full Description Availability
Wago 750-552 ask
Wago 750-401 ask
Wago 750-628 ask
Wago 750-627 ask
Wago SVS04-08-K01 Power Distribution System ask
Wago ADV551-32DO 51027487-5 Digital I/O Module ask
Wago 787-904 LWN1601-6C1 LWN1601-6 Power Supply ask
Wago 753-530 Digital Output Module ask
Wago 753-430 Digital Input Module ask
Wago 751-615 AS-Interface I/O Slave Module ask
Wago 751-610 I/O Module ask
Wago 751-605 AS-Interface I/O Slave Module ask
Wago 751-600/000-001 751-600 751-600 LON Connector Module ask
Wago 750-960 Field Bus Connector for PROFIBUS ask
Wago 750-842 Ethernet Controller ask
Wago 750-841 Ethernet Module ask
Wago 750-819 Fieldbus Coupler Controller ask
Wago 750-650 RS-232 C Serial Interface Module ask
Wago 750-614 I/O Module Field Side Connection ask
Wago 750-612 0-230V AC/DC Power Supply Module ask
Wago 750-610 24V DC Power Supply ask
Wago 750-602 Power Supply ask
Wago 750-600 Fieldbus Assembly End Module ask
Wago 750-530 Digital Output Module ask
Wago 750-517 0807--07----03 2-Channel Relay Output Module 230VAC ask
Wago 750-504 4-Channel Digital Output Module 24 V DC ask
Wago 750-502 2 Channel Digital Output Module ask
Wago 750-501 2 Channel Digital Output Module ask
Wago 750-466 88489 Analog Input Module ask
Wago 750-461 77078 Analog Input Module ask
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