As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect businesses throughout the world, we are reaching out to inform you, our worldwide customers and suppliers.

The safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is extremely important to us. In our Xiamen,China facility, hygiene practices, social distancing, and contingency order processing plans are in place to try and meet your current needs.


Discontinued automation spare parts or control parts


AMIKONG continues to innovate and is committed to improving the supply level of discontinued automated parts. No matter where the customer is, no matter how rare the required parts are, we can always connect customers with the products they need. ,AMIKON Wide parts coverage

It can provide customers all over the world with various spare parts for discontinued industrial automation.

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Quick replacement of spare parts

AMIKONG With more than 30.000 high-quality spare parts, they can be sold immediately. Our large inventory allows us to quickly meet customer needs, thereby reducing downtime and protecting production schedules. Our timely delivery time provides you with security and save money.

Our delivery system

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1-3 working days
We cannot always have all the inventory. Please contact us-we will find a component solution for you!
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Control Systems Repair (DCS, PLC)
Contact +86 18030235311
32D units,GuoMao Building, No 388 Hubin South Road ,Siming district,Xiamen

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About AMIKON general information/product information/learn more about us! AMIKON is committed to providing parts support for your installed control system and drives through spare parts service. We have a large internal inventory, including (DCS, PLC, CNC), panel controllers, HMI, industrial PCs, drives, power supplies and servo motors As well as discontinuing control system parts to reduce the maintenance cost of your spare parts, we have also released many new hardware to help support your existing installation or take advantage of the latest technology.

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Control Systems (DCS, PLC, CNC)
Call us: +86 18030235311
32D units,GuoMao Building, No 388 Hubin South Road ,Siming district,Xiamen
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A full-time sales manager and after-sales support team are at your service. Our high-quality working group members are always waiting for your inquiries and answering any inquiries you may have. At AMIKON, you can be confident that you will always receive high-quality services. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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need help? contact us!
Spares team
Call us: +86 18030235311
32D units,GuoMao Building, No 388 Hubin South Road ,Siming district,Xiamen


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Ten good reasons

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Amikong hopes to win the trust of customers every day. Relying on reliable quality of parts and components, a wide range of discontinued parts services. We have successfully achieved this in more than 3,000 customers worldwide. The following is an excerpt from a long-term customer who has a partnership with us

Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice
Dear all customers:
Because of China Traditional New Year lon holiday, EMS and other post agents stop accepting from Jan.14 to Jan. 31. So our website can only place orders in this period; payment and delivery will restart from Feb.1. After-sale service will restart from Jan. 28. Thanks for your attention.